My Story

Marcy LynchI’ve been interested in health, fitness, and nutrition all my life. I grew up playing lots of sports, swam in college, and became a professional athlete in my late 20’s. My mom made sure we had 3 meals every day and early on I developed a love of eating wholesome, healthy food.

‘Momma Mary’ was ahead of her time in many ways. She made homemade granola, a recipe I still use today, and she knew how to create nutritional balance. I am immensely grateful for this start in life.

My mother was not overweight, yet like many women of her time, she went on every diet that came around. The hidden message was that if she wasn’t thin enough, neither was I.  So when she went on a diet, I did too. I learned to both love and fear food. Eating meant love and nurturance, but it also meant potential weight gain, judgment and poor body image.

I have struggled with this dynamic for a good part of my life. When I was younger, I used to binge diet or over-exercise in order to control my weight. As I’m getting older, I see how this method actually backfires. Diets leave me feeling deprived and lead to rebound over-consuming. Over-exercising leads to injury, and sets me back even further. With each passing decade, I feel my body changing and I know I need to adapt.

Through years of experimenting with different plans, coaching thousands of clients, and a lot of study, I have learned to manage this challenge.

Today, I eat what I love. I enjoy family and social events without stressing. I have an exercise plan that doesn’t take a lot of time. I’m at my ideal body weight and I’m still able to indulge my taste for fine wine and dark chocolate.

I created Marcy Lynch Fitness because I know I’m not alone. I believe there is a right plan for everyone. My goal is to help others manage their own challenges so that they may live their best quality of life.