Create Your Fitness Foundation


In my work as a Fitness Coach, I teach people to build a firm Fitness Foundation in order to achieve their goals. This foundation includes three things:

  1. How you think
  2. What you eat
  3. How you move

We start with how you think, because it’s the key to eating and moving with a purpose.

Thinking includes two things: creating the right mindset, and planning/preparing for success.

The right mindset is to plan a long-term approach to achieving your goals. When we set goals, we don’t often think about obstacles or back-steps. If you mentally prepare yourself for having challenges ahead of time, then when they do occur, you won’t be so surprised or thrown off course.

Once you have a long-term mindset, planning and preparing for success is about making time in your schedule for new habits. The all too frequent approach is to tack on eating and exercise habits to an already busy schedule. Is it any wonder that you end up frustrated and overwhelmed after a few weeks?

Creating a Fitness Foundation will actually SAVE you time. Once you develop the right mindset and do the work of creating a plan, then the action steps become really clear. The path to success then, is a matter of merely following through with the plan.

Have you created your Fitness Foundation?

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