Day 5

I love the conversation that this is generating here in social media and in person. Some are asking ‘why’ am I doing it? Do I really need to lose weight? Why would I give up so many things all at once? What the heck CAN I eat??

The biggest reason I am doing this is twofold. I am tired of an old pattern where I gain and lose the same weight over and over. My usual pattern is that I gain some weight, then cut back on food and increase exercise to lose it. This not only is tiresome, I am losing my desire to do it anymore. I either have to make peace with weight gain (which is an ok choice, but not one I’m willing to make just yet) or I have to search for a different way of managing my weight. If I can make it through these 21 days, I believe I will have created new habits. My intention is not to go back to my former way of eating, but to adopt some of the changes permanently.

I know for sure there are some foods that I will no longer eat on a regular basis. I also know some foods that I’ll experiment with bringing back in. So for me, this is kind of a detox, and then the real work begins of staying the course and not falling backwards into the old habits.

The blog is serving as a reminder to me of the process. I’m aware that I’m not perfect, there will be times in my life where I may make totally different decisions, but I will have documented this journey for future reference should I ever need to refer back to how I made a change.

I also hope that the blog serves as encouragement to my friends and clients who get confused about food and nutrition, who struggle with eating and exercise. We are all in the same game. Whether it’s 5 pounds or 50 pounds, the only permanent solution is habit change. What those habits are is purely personal. There is no diet except the one that works for you and makes you happy in your own skin.

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