As a young woman, I remember visiting my mother in Florida and the topic of conversation among her friends and neighbors was about doctor’s visits, aching hips, knees, and shoulders. Now that I’m approaching my mother’s age, I find myself having similar conversations with friends and clients. It is a rite of passage in the aging process.
However, I know a lot of injuries can be prevented. I also know that when there is an injury, it’s possible to bounce back more efficiently.
Our medical system treats a sore shoulder, or an aching back as an isolated event. In reality, often that pain is the result of a muscle imbalance somewhere else in the body. You receive treatment for the pain, but the source of the pain is not always discovered. Inflammation leads to tissue damage, tissue damage leads to arthritis and arthritis leads to more pain and joint restriction.
Without addressing the underlying source of the inflammation, often you go back to regular activity, and another pain or injury shows up.
As a trainer and corrective exercise professional, I look at the whole body, how it moves, and search for what may be causing pain. Chronic or persistent pain is best seen by a doctor and diagnosed. After treatment, I bridge the gap between physical therapy and getting back to, or even beginning a regular exercise program without fear of further injury.