Creating a New Language of Fitness

One of the first things I talk about with new clients is how to ‘think’ and speak about their fitness goals. As I listen to them explain what they are looking for from working with me, often the type of questions and requests go like this:
'What kind of exercise is the best for weight loss?' 'How do I stay motivated?' 'Tell me what to eat/give me a food plan and I’ll follow it.' 'I’m doing the Paleo diet and going to a Crossfit gym. Is that good or bad?'
I understand why people ask these questions. Our culture is full of conflicting messages, different approaches, and perfect size marketing that drives ‘quick fix’ thinking. Once I ask a few questions of my own, the conversation changes. ‘What kind of exercise do you enjoy? What does motivation look like? Which food plans have you tried and how did they work for you?
These questions stimulate new thought and therefore a different approach to being fit. No longer is the journey a short-term need to lose 20 pounds, or a mindless and forced adherence to a stale exercise routine. Regular exercise and healthy eating are a constant work in progress to chip away at every day, every month, every year because it contributes to the quality of your life.
Every one of you is unique. Therefore your fitness plans must also be unique to your likes, dislikes, personality, and lifestyle. If you begin to think about your goals in this way, how will it change the language you use to talk about fitness?