Are You an Aging Warrior? Welcome to the Club!

It’s an interesting time to be you. The entire paradigm of aging has shifted dramatically, and you are leading the way. You’re no longer hanging up your racquets, skis, bikes, or running shoes at the first sign of pain. You want to be active and vibrant well into your older age.
There is one big challenge that comes along with your quest to stay fit. I’ll call it the ‘acceptance’ of a new normal. Not pushing through pain, maintaining your muscle, and taking time off from activity are now your health ‘strategies’.
If you’re like the warriors I know, the new normal is outside your comfort zone. You are the generation of ‘just do it’, ‘feel the burn’, ‘more is always better’. You must first accept and then begin a new way of training both physically and mentally.
Acceptance is not the easiest attitude to adopt, but pain and injury are even less fun. I looked up the definition of the word ‘acceptance’ and here’s what I found:  Acceptance is “the act of taking or receiving something offered”.
What is your aging body offering? What is it you need to receive?
I think of being an older athlete as learning to play a new game. This is a game that requires some intricate strategies. It requires playing, training, and resting smarter. I accept the challenge of my less resilient body, and find a way to win anyway.
What do you think, my fellow warriors? I’d love to hear from you!