Walking my way back

As some of you know, in late April of this year, I fell and broke my wrist. In a single moment, everything changed for the next 3 months. I canceled a scheduled trip to Spain, had surgery and am now sporting a titanium plate and 11 screws in my left wrist.
As disappointing a circumstance as it was, I tried to stay focused on what I could do, rather than all the things I couldn’t. I certainly had moments of feeling depressed and impatient, but I also knew that the time would pass and I would heal. In order to stay positive, it was important mentally for me to keep moving and maintain some level of fitness.
Since I couldn’t do my regular exercise routines, I walked. In fact, I walked each day. 
It’s tempting to find an excuse for not sticking to a fitness plan. In fact, life will always give you one: the weather is too hot, too cold, you’re too tired, too busy, don’t feel like it, etc. Next time you find yourself finding reasons not to exercise, do something, even if it’s less than the perfect option. As small as it may seem, doing something rather than nothing will keep you in the mindset of moving forward rather than backward.