By now I’m sure you’ve figured out there is no ‘magic pill’ that will make you skinny, rich, and happy. Yet many continue to struggle with the same desires year after year: to lose weight, have more money, and feel fulfilled in work and life.
As a life coach, the difference I see between those who are successful in achieving their goals and those who struggle is having someone who can offer feedback and support.
Listen to Bill Gates and his CEO Eric Schmidt talk about the value of a coach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLF90uwII1k

Make this the year you get unstuck. Work with a coach!

Holiday Granola

After gifting Mama Mary’s Granola to my clients for many years at Christmas, I decided to create gift tins and gift bags so people could purchase and give to their friends and family. I love the idea of giving a healthy gift and so do many of my clients… last year I sold out of inventory — twice!

Mama Mary’s Granola is my mother’s recipe from back in the day before granola was mass-produced. One of my fondest memories was receiving a granola care package in my dorm room at college. I would hide it immediately, or my friends and dorm mates would eat it.

Today, I have tweaked the recipe to contain less fat and honey than the original recipe, but without sacrificing any of the taste. This is the healthiest, tastiest granola on the planet, in my humble opinion, and I have my Mom to thank for setting the bar so high.

This year, I’ll be taking orders ahead of time. Here are the options:
• Eco-friendly 22 oz. bag $12.00
• Eco-friendly 12 oz. bag $8.00
• Decorative Gift Tin, 12 oz. $10.00 (limited quantity available)

Place your orders today! All orders must be received by December 15 to insure it will be ready by Christmas. Your friends and family will love this delicious, healthy snack. Contact me at marcy@marcylynch.com with your order requests!

Creating a New Language of Fitness

One of the first things I talk about with new clients is how to ‘think’ and speak about their fitness goals. As I listen to them explain what they are looking for from working with me, often the type of questions and requests go like this:
'What kind of exercise is the best for weight loss?' 'How do I stay motivated?' 'Tell me what to eat/give me a food plan and I’ll follow it.' 'I’m doing the Paleo diet and going to a Crossfit gym. Is that good or bad?'
I understand why people ask these questions. Our culture is full of conflicting messages, different approaches, and perfect size marketing that drives ‘quick fix’ thinking. Once I ask a few questions of my own, the conversation changes. ‘What kind of exercise do you enjoy? What does motivation look like? Which food plans have you tried and how did they work for you?
These questions stimulate new thought and therefore a different approach to being fit. No longer is the journey a short-term need to lose 20 pounds, or a mindless and forced adherence to a stale exercise routine. Regular exercise and healthy eating are a constant work in progress to chip away at every day, every month, every year because it contributes to the quality of your life.
Every one of you is unique. Therefore your fitness plans must also be unique to your likes, dislikes, personality, and lifestyle. If you begin to think about your goals in this way, how will it change the language you use to talk about fitness?



As a young woman, I remember visiting my mother in Florida and the topic of conversation among her friends and neighbors was about doctor’s visits, aching hips, knees, and shoulders. Now that I’m approaching my mother’s age, I find myself having similar conversations with friends and clients. It is a rite of passage in the aging process.
However, I know a lot of injuries can be prevented. I also know that when there is an injury, it’s possible to bounce back more efficiently.
Our medical system treats a sore shoulder, or an aching back as an isolated event. In reality, often that pain is the result of a muscle imbalance somewhere else in the body. You receive treatment for the pain, but the source of the pain is not always discovered. Inflammation leads to tissue damage, tissue damage leads to arthritis and arthritis leads to more pain and joint restriction.
Without addressing the underlying source of the inflammation, often you go back to regular activity, and another pain or injury shows up.
As a trainer and corrective exercise professional, I look at the whole body, how it moves, and search for what may be causing pain. Chronic or persistent pain is best seen by a doctor and diagnosed. After treatment, I bridge the gap between physical therapy and getting back to, or even beginning a regular exercise program without fear of further injury.

WTC or NWTC? (worth the calories/not worth the calories)


Do you have a system for determining when to go ‘off’ your normal (healthy) eating routine and when to stick to it? In general, I use the 80/20 rule of eating clean 80% of the time and treating myself 20%. For me, the bigger picture is to be conscious of what I put in my mouth. In this crazy, busy, over-scheduled life, sometimes we end up eating on the go and barely paying attention to our food.
In addition, higher fat, salt, sugar foods (the 20%), are easy to over-consume because they taste good. If you aren’t being mindful, before you know it, you’ve eaten more than you really wanted to.
Before I eat any food that is on the ‘treat’ list, I ask, ‘is this Worth The Calories (WTC)?’ If the answer is yes, then I eat it, guilt free, and enjoy it. If the answer is no, then I don’t eat it. I’ve been known to take one bite of something that looked better than it tasted and decided, Not Worth The Calories (NWTC).
It is possible to have a healthy diet and still eat treats. The next time you consciously decide to eat a treat, pause and ask, ‘is it WTC or NWTC?’