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After gifting Mama Mary’s Granola to my clients for many years at Christmas, I decided to create gift bags so people could purchase and give to their friends and family. I love the idea of giving a healthy gift and so do many of my clients… last year I sold out of inventory — twice!

Mama Mary’s Granola is my mother’s recipe from back in the day before granola was mass-produced. One of my fondest memories was receiving a granola care package in my dorm room at college. I would hide it immediately, or my friends and dorm mates would eat it.

Today, I have tweaked the recipe to contain less fat and honey than the original recipe, but without sacrificing any of the taste. This is the healthiest, tastiest granola on the planet, in my humble opinion, and I have my Mom to thank for setting the bar so high.

I’m taking orders:
• Eco-friendly 22 oz. bag $12.00
• Eco-friendly 12 oz. bag $8.00

Place your orders today! Your friends and family will love this delicious, healthy snack.
Contact me at marcy@marcylynch.com with your order requests!