No time to exercise? Boost your workout!

Do you ever feel like it takes too much time to exercise? Does it seem that there isn’t enough time in a day to stop and take a break?

I can relate. I am a busy small business owner who wants to maintain good health through regular exercise. There are days when my day starts at 4:30 am and ends at 7 or 8 pm. If I’m not careful, work can get in the way of my commitment to health. Without a regular dose of exercise, I start to feel sluggish and tired both mentally and physically. In addition, how can I encourage others to be healthy if I’m not taking care of myself?

One strategy that works for me is to remind myself that ‘something is better than nothing’. On my busiest days I make sure I at least move my body, even if it is nothing more than a 20 minute walk. I can make the most of that time by doing pick ups (walking faster or jogging for short bursts).  If the weather is not cooperating, 20 minutes of body weight exercises can get me going in a short amount of time. 20 minutes may not seem ‘worth it’, but I assure you that boosting the pace of your exercise to fit into a small window of time will give you tremendous rewards in terms of energy, fat metabolism, and mental sharpness.

So I offer you a challenge. The next time you catch yourself saying, ‘I just don’t have time to exercise’, stop what you are doing for 10-20 minutes. Get up from your desk, go out the door and walk, or follow this short routine:

10 pushups – can be done on the wall, on a desk or bench, on your knees

10 squats

10 crunches

10 lunges

10 jacks (jump or step them for lower impact)

1 x 30 second plank

Do this routine 3-5 times and then get back to work! Let me know how you feel!!

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2 Responses to No time to exercise? Boost your workout!

  1. Great advise. I let my busy day interfere with my walk/run and it regret it.
    I always feel more energized after a workout.

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