Here’s what people are saying…

I have been working with Marcy for about 5 years now. As an owner of multiple businesses and the head coach of a national AAU basketball team, I understand the importance of a good coach. Marcy has helped me to get in great physical as well as mental shape by not only her extensive knowledge in training and nutrition, but also by her compassion and adapting her training plans to properly suit the individuals she works with.

It is rare to find a coach who is not only knowledgeable, but also one that truly cares, motivates and leads by example! I am very fortunate to be 50 years old and be in good shape. I owe much of that to Marcy’s dedicated training programs that she has prepared over the years that has allowed to me to stay in the physical and mental shape that I strive for.

Marcy has all of the qualities you would want for a coach…dedication, commitment, compassion, integrity and a passion for her life’s work!!!
Mike Sharp

After having 2 children in my late 30′s, I had no hope of gaining my strength and body back. Marcy helped me achieve both goals with a compassionate, no-drama, and hard-working attitude. She also made workouts FUN-who knew I would look forward to exercising? Marcy transformed me; not just physicially, but mentally as well.
Liz P.

Marcy has helped me see things in a different light. The ‘pressure’ of eating and living well has lifted, and I now see that this is the way I want to live the rest of my life. I no longer perceive eating well and exercising as a chore. It’s something I want to do for myself, forever!
—Inner Journey class participant

Although I’m not an athlete, I asked Marcy to help prepare me for the most challenging and exhausting thing I’ve ever tried – hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro! We worked together for 9 months before my trip and I can say I was fully prepared mentally and physically for this 9-day hike to 19,300 feet. I had absolutely no aches or pains and I attribute it all to her help.
—Lynn Ciamaichelo

 The choice of a personal coach/trainer is, well, personal. A lot goes into the decision, but it’s important for that person to be compatible with your personal philosophies and goals surrounding exercise. This is important because your coach needs to know how to motivate you without being intimidating. Marcy coached me from being sedentary to being more fit than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I actually look forward to and enjoy exercise. She is a constant source of encouragement and a persistent voice in the back of my head to keep moving forward. I chose my coach well.
—Cheryl Schulman