The Magic of Walking

I’m starting to embrace more relaxed forms of exercise that support my body rather than break it down. In the past, I have been guilty of thinking that walking isn’t challenging enough, is too slow, or is too time consuming to be worth my effort. However, I’ve adopted a different attitude toward walking lately and I’m going to share what I’ve noticed and learned from walking several times a week.

  1. Walking is easy. Unless you have an injury or a physical disability, the ability to walk is as natural as going out the door. You don’t need a trainer or special equipment. On days where I’m tired or don’t feel like exercising, I can always get myself out to walk.
  2. Walking burns fat. Unlike cardiovascular exercise, which burns mostly carbohydrate, walking burns mostly fat for fuel.
  3. Walking stimulates thoughts and inspiration. Almost every time I walk, immediately upon coming in the door, I write down ideas that came to me on my walk. My business has been built on ideas that have appeared to me as I freely allow my mind to wander on a walk or a run.
  4. Walking calms the sympathetic nervous system. Most of us are so busy that we are constantly in ‘fight or flight’ mode. A walk resets your physiology and clears out the hormonal stress that accumulates from the pace of your life.
  5. Walking can be done alone or as a social activity. I have a group of friends that I often walk with on weekends. Hours go by so quickly when chatting along and catching up with each other’s lives. I know partners/couples that use walking as a way to reconnect and catch up with each other’s day.

When a new client comes to me and wants to lose weight and/or begin a fitness program, I always tell them to begin by walking. Walking has become and may forever be my therapy, meditation, and social outlet all wrapped up in one.

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