Train smarter not just harder

In the pursuit of fitness and health, inevitably there will be road blocks, or challenges, just like any other meaningful goal we might set for ourselves. One of the more common roadblocks I see is injury. It’s incredibly frustrating to be sidelined from an exercise routine due to injury and I know this from experience with injuries of my own. In the event this happens to you, this is what I recommend.

First of all, figure out some alternatives to your regular routine in order to keep moving. I call these alternatives ‘work arounds’ and with a little imagination and/or advice from your trainer, you can keep the healthy body parts moving while you rest and rehab the injured part.

Secondly, the mental approach needed, for both healing and getting back to the routine, is that you will now work smarter instead of thinking you have to work harder to catch up for time lost. Instead of pushing so hard, it’s a matter of holding ¬†yourself to a higher standard. What I mean is, improve your form, deepen your breathing, move more slowly but with better intensity. You will be amazed at the results that slowing down and paying closer attention will give you. This, I believe is the hidden gift in an injury. It forces us to rethink, refocus, and come back even stronger!

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