Personal Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps you accomplish extraordinary goals in your life, business, and career. A trained coach assists you in designing the life you want and helping to access your own brilliance, wisdom, and inner resources.

A good coach is like a mirror, reflecting back your thoughts and wisdom, in order for you to uncover the strengths within you, and achieve more than you could going it alone. 


One-on-one coaching with Marcy:

Do you have a compelling goal or desire? I can help you make a plan, stay motivated, handle obstacles and GET RESULTS.
Here are some examples of what I can help with:

• managing your time better, so you can achieve all you want in life
• discovering your next steps in career or life
• reducing stress and improving quality of life
• achieving better work/life balance
• improving a relationship or relationships
• learning which skills are needed to grow and develop further
• accomplishing a ‘bucket list’ goal

Every warrior deserves a coach. I have coached hundreds of clients to achieve more than they ever thought they could.
Contact me today to schedule an introductory coaching session: 

Coaching sessions can be performed in person, by phone, or Facetime/Skype. 

Fitness/Wellness Presentations

I’m also available to present an interactive talk, lunch and learn, or workshop tailored to the needs of your group or business. Topics can include:

•  Healthy food choices for a busy life
•  Cardio vs. weight training, which is best?
•  Debunking health myths
•  Breathing for better focus
•  Balance and core
•  Body weight exercises, no equipment needed

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